Change Management training program course Malaysia

About this course

Total PDU :
Duration : 3 days

Organizational Change Management

Course Overview

A dynamic organization is constantly experiencing change. Without change there is no progress and the organization will either stand still or slide back. Change is necessary to increase the ‘business value’ of the organization and to keep the organization ‘future proof’.

Change needs to be closely managed and therefore good Change Management practices are crucial for a successful organization. This training module provides a comprehensive knowledge of the processes and practices that are part of change management.

This training module is a foundation that provides a comprehensive knowledge of the processes and practices that are part of change management projects. This training demonstrates the critical knowledge and skills required in Change Management. It provides the participants with the understanding and knowledge of the fundamentals of change management as well as the tools, techniques and templates to help with the adoption of change within the organization.

The program is in line with the Standard for Change Management© as published by the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP®) and can serve as a preparation for their CCMP® exam and certification.

Target Audience

This course is a foundation course tailored for all those who are and/or will be directly or indirectly influence change within the organization such as;

  • Members of transformation department, Change Managers
  • Project Managers, Project Leaders, Project Team Members
  • Change Management Leads, Transformational Analysts, PMO Members
Training Delivery Methods

The training is instructor-led and contains lectures, exercises, case studies and group discussions. The training requires active participation from attendees.

Learning Outcomes
  • Comprehend why and when change is necessary
  • Learn about the fundamental characteristics of change in projects
  • Understand the success factors for implementation of change
  • Learn the importance of Change Management methodologies
  • Learn about Stakeholders and how to engage them in the change management initiative
  • Learn about Change Agents and their roles in change management
  • Understand the role of project governance in relation to change
  • Learn how to bring about change and to overcome change inertia and/or resistance
  • Learn about tools and techniques used in change management
  • Learn how to design and implement communication plans
  • Learn the importance of controlling the change management processes
  • Understand what skills are required to manage and support organizational change
  • Learn how to conduct lessons learned
Course Outline

Understanding Change Management

  • What is Change Management?
  • Drivers of change
  • Critical success factors of change management
  • Different views on change management (Kotter vs Bridges)


Assessing the change

  • Define the change
  • Determine why the change is required
  • Determine how the change affects the organization
  • Determine the critical success factors and how to measure them
  • Assess if the changes are aligned with organizational strategies and goals


Stakeholder Identification and Analysis

  • Understand the importance of stakeholders
  • Identify stakeholders affected by the change
  • Conduct stakeholder analysis
  • Assess the impact of change on the stakeholders


Define Communication Needs of Stakeholders

  • Stakeholders and Communication
  • Determine the communication needs of stakeholders
  • Understand the different Types of Communication
  • How to choose the right form of communication?


Organizational Alignment and Readiness

  • Why do we need to align the organization
  • Assess organizational culture alignment
  • Assess organizational readiness for change
  • How to measure success of organizational alignment?
  • Assess learning needs of stakeholders


Risk Management

  • Identify risk associated with the change initiatives
  • Assess the risk
  • Develop a response plan to manage the risk


Developing Change Management Strategies

  • Develop Communication Strategies to align stakeholders interest
  • Develop Stakeholder Management and Engagement Strategies
  • Develop Change Impact and Readiness Strategies
  • Develop Learning & Development Strategies
  • Develop Success Measurement Strategies to determine success criteria and measurements
  • Develop Sustainability Strategies to integrate changes into organization’s normal functions


Developing the Change Management Plan

  • Develop Resource Plan to define resources required
  • Develop Stakeholder Engagement Plan to manage stakeholders
  • Develop Communication Plan
  • Develop Impact Assessment Plan to assess and manage impact
  • Develop Learning & Development Plan to develop skills and knowledge
  • Develop Measurement Plan to track and measure progress
  • Develop Sustainability Plan to maintain new processes
  • Develop Project Management Plan to manage the implementation of the change initiative


Execute, Manage, and Monitor Implementation of the Change Management Plan

  • Implement and monitor the Resource Plan
  • Execute the Communication Plan
  • Execute the Stakeholder Engagement Plan
  • Execute the Learning And Development Plan
  • Execute the Measurement Plan
  • Execute the Sustainability plan
  • Reassess and modify the change management plan


Close Change Management Project

  • Evaluate the change management outcome against objectives
  • Conduct Lessons Learned
  • Capture Lessons learned for future use
  • Handover after the completion of change management initiative