Project Management Training Malaysia

About this course

Total PDU : 24
Duration : 3 days
Course Overview

The “Project Management for EPC Projects” program is targeting project managers, project leaders, engineers and construction managers who are working in EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) projects for industrial plants, such as power plants, refineries, oil and gas and the chemical industry. The content of the training is based on the “Project Management Handbook for EPC” published by our partner Project Team from Germany. As this is an advanced project management training, some basic knowledge of project management (PMI®, PMBOK®) will be helpful to fully benefit from this training.


This Training Module of the EPCP® Certification Program is developed as an entry level training for project managers who consider going for the EPCP® Certification Program. This program is not mandatory as a pre-qualification to obtain the EPCP® certificate. However, it provides a comprehensive overview of the project management processes that are part of the full program.

Target Audience

This training is focused on managers and employees working in engineering/ procurement/ construction of industrial plants, such as power plants, chemical plants, refineries or oil and gas.

However, the content can also be applied to any other major EPC construction projects. Some EPC experience and/or project management background will be helpful to take full benefit from the training sessions, although not mandatory for registration.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • To understand the context of project management in standards like PMI® (PMBoK) and how to apply them to engineering/ procurement/ construction (EPC) projects for industrial plants
  • To establish a project plan considering all aspects relevant for EPC projects
  • To set up a project organization for large EPC projects
  • To manage scope and contract and to defend your claims
  • To plan and control costs, cashflow, schedule and risks
  • To understand the role of Quality and HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) Management in Construction Projects
  • To control your project pro‐actively using reporting tools, KPI’s and trends
  • To understand the engineering, procurement and construction processes and tools and their interaction in project management
Course Outline

The Project Life Cycle

  • From Inquiry to Warranty
  • The PMI® Project Life Cycle
  • The EPC Cycle

EPC Projects

  • Capture the Participants Knowledge of PMI®
  • What is special to EPC Projects
  • Classifying the Experiences of the Participants

A Reference to Project Management Standards

  • An Overview
  • Applicable ISO Standards
  • PMI® and the PMBoK
  • The Project Management Handbook for EPC

Bidding an EPC project

  • Assembling a bid team
  • Feasibility Studies and Conceptual Design
  • Bid Management
  • Defining the Project Life Cycle
  • Milestones
  • Tender Documents
  • The final Proposal

Negotiations and Contracting

  • FIDIC Contracts
  • Contract Sections
  • Assumptions and Exclusion
  • Compliance Matrix
  • Sub-Contracting
  • Negotiations
  • Letter of Intent
  • Contract Award

Starting the EPC Project

  • Project Initiation
  • Stakeholder Identification and Analysis
  • The Project Charter
  • Establishing internal and external Project Procedures
  • Internal and External Approval Processes
  • The Project Plan

Project Organization for Large EPC Projects

  • The external and the internal Project Organization
  • Governance processes with Executive Management
  • Roles and Responsibilities in a Project Organization
  • Moving from Phase to Phase
  • Integration and Interface Management
  • Managing Human Resources in a Project
  • Project Infrastructure

Managing the scope

  • Project Structures
  • The Definition of Work-Packages and the WBS
  • Assigning the Work

The Responsibility Assignment Matrix

  • Mapping OBS and WBS
  • Discussion of organizational aspects, e.g. procurement packages

Communication Processes

  • Stakeholder Management
  • The Communication Plan
  • Lessons Learned

Managing Costs and Cash

  • The Commercial Organization and Procedures
  • Develop the cost plan/ budgets
  • Costs, overhead and profit
  • Budget freeze and budget change control
  • Controlling Costs and Earned Value
  • Payment Schedule and Cash Flow Planning
  • Controlling cash and payment

Managing Time

  • The Scheduling Organization and Procedures
  • How to develop the Time Schedule
  • Aspects of Schedule planning
  • Critical path analysis
  • Freezing the schedule baseline and controlling changes
  • Applying look-ahead schedules
  • Tracking physical progress

Managing Resources

  • Quantitative and qualitative resource planning
  • Tracking the man-load

The Critical Path Analysis  Identify the critical path of a project

  • Perform a schedule risk analysis
  • Discuss how the schedule risks change the critical path

Managing Risks

  • Identification and evaluation of risks
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Managing the risk exposure and risk contingencies

Managing Quality, Health & Safety and Environment

  • Standardization in QHSE
  • Quality Management and Quality Control
  • HSE Management in Construction Projects

Performance Control and Reporting

  • Internal Project Management Reporting
  • Earned Value Management
  • Reports, KPI’s and Trend Curves
  • Executive reports and Client Reports
  • The monthly reporting Cycle
  • Scope, Schedule and Cost Change Control

Engineering Processes and Procedures

  • The Engineering Disciplines
  • Engineering IT
  • Improving Engineering Efficiency

Technical Configuration Management

  • The Configuration Management Plan
  • Gate Management, Design Reviews and Design Freeze
  • Technical Change Management
  • Data Exchange and Data Life Cycle

Licensing Management

  • The Requirements Management Process
  • Obtaining the Construction and Operation License

Document Management

  • Documentation Planning: The Master Document List
  • Requirements for the Generation of Documents
  • Tracking of Document Submittals and Document Approvals
  • Configuration Management for Documents


  • Procurement Organisation Processes
  • Material Take-Off
  • Purchasing: Solicitation and Supplier Selection
  • Tracking Procurement, Manufacture and Shipping
  • Material Management to Site

Construction Planning

  • Site Organization and Procedures
  • Aspects of International Construction Sites
  • Site Infrastructure and Logistics
  • The Construction Processes

Construction Execution and Control

  • Site Coordination and Interface Management
  • Inspections and Supervision

Contract Management

  • Preventive and Active Claims Management
  • Arbitration
  • Contract Closure


  • Mechanical Completion Management
  • Plant Commissioning and Testing
  • Handover to the Owner and Operator

Information Management

  • The project-specific IT Architecture
  • Communication Platforms
  • Data Security

Closing out the Projects

  • The Project Closeout Checklist