Manage Stakeholder training program coruse Malaysia

About this course

Total PDU : 14
Duration : 2 days
Course Overview

Everybody involved in business and in projects needs to work and deal with Stakeholders. Stakeholders need to be identified, analysed and communicated with.

Stakeholder expectations are the key measurement to success of the project or business venture. Without meeting the expectations of the main stakeholders your endeavour is bound to fail.

Managing stakeholders with regard to change is a key element of overall stakeholder management. In order for stakeholders to be in line with the projects you are executing, their resistance to change and their change readiness need to be assessed and managed.

This 2-day training program combines the essential elements of Stakeholder Management, and Change Management into one.

The training requires active participation from attendees. It has lectures, exercises and case studies with group discussions, role-plays and quizzes.

Target Audience

This course is tailored for project managers, team members and anyone else involved in projects. Understanding of project management standards and processes will be an asset.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify relevant stakeholders
  • Undertake stakeholder analysis
  • Engage stakeholders, communicate and negotiate for optimal results
  • Determine stakeholder power and influence on the basis of their relative levels of importance and influence
  • Understand Change and Change Management
  • Ability to determine change readiness
  • Ability to deal with resistance to change
Course Outline
  • Identification and Categorization of Stakeholders
  • Evaluation and Prioritization of Interests
  • Stakeholder Participation and Engagement
  • How to deal with difficult Stakeholders
  • Different Change Agents
  • Change Readiness
  • Resistance to change
  • How to make change stick