Sustainable development training program course Malaysia

About this course

Total PDU : 8
Duration : 1 day
Course Overview


This one day program focuses on providing a better understanding of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and how to apply them. The Goals were agreed upon in 2015 and have formed the basis for many organizations in their effort to structure and organize the sustainability efforts.

The Goals are often a source of misunderstanding and uncertainty in relation to sustainability reporting. This one day program will give the attendants clarity about what the Sustainable Development Goals are and how to use them.

Target Audience

This program is designed for people who have an involvement in the Sustainability Reporting efforts of the organization, either in a managerial role or providing sustainability information to the reporting team.

Learning Outcomes
  • Understanding of the history and background of the SDGs.
  • The purpose of the SDGs
  • How to determine which SDGs are applicable to your organization
  • The effect of SDGs on Material Matters
  • How to use SDGs in your sustainability efforts and reporting
Course Outline
  • What are the 17 SDGs?
  • What is behind the 17 SDGs?
  • Using the SDGs
  • Facilitation tools and their application
  • The facilitation process