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Making sure that future generations can enjoy the same things and the same quality of life is of great importance. The term for this is ‘Sustainability’. On every level of society we need to be more sustainable. This also means that companies need to integrate sustainability into their businesses.

Since 2015, all Bursa Malaysia has made it compulsory for listed companies to prepare annual sustainability statements, describing how they have incorporated sustainability into their strategies and operations.

Bridgit can offer both training and advisory services regarding sustainability reporting.

Our training programs range from a half-day briefing session for the Board of Directors to a 1 or 2-day program for the people who need to develop the sustainability statement.

In partnership with the National Centre for Sustainability Reporting (NCSR), Bridgit also conducts GRI training. GRI or the Global Reporting Initiative is the global standard for Sustainability Reporting.

As Bridgit traditionally comes from a project management background, we also deliver programs that focus on Sustainable Project Management

Some of the programs we have are: