Competence and Maturity are qualities that not only a person but also an organization needs to have in order to be successful in what we are doing. In order to fully reach our potential, we need to understand our current level of competency and maturity before we plot a course to reach the desired level.

Bridgit has the capability to assess people and organizations from a project management point of view. We have assessment programs that we can bring to the table to assess project managers and to determine their GAPs incompetence that needs to be addressed through training, coaching, or mentoring.

With regards to organizations, we have a special program in place that can measure the project management organizational maturity, and with the results, we can recommend an improvement program to enhance this maturity to the next level.

Bridgit offers services in providing maturity assessments both face to face and online

  •  Project Management Maturity Assessment
  •  Organization Project Management Maturity Assessment
  •  Psychometric Assessments

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