Many project organizations suffer from limited visibility of project performance, Limited Resources, and No Consistent project management methodology, Lack of Governance and Accountability will definitely lead to Project Delays and Budget Overruns.

That is why a PMO (Project/ Program Office Management) is required in any organization that implements sizeable initiatives and projects in order to ensure project success. A PMO strives to make sure procedures, practices, and operations in accordance with proven standards are implemented and adhered to. A PMO can provide tools, templates, and dashboards that can ensure close monitoring of the performance of the projects resulting in meeting deadlines, budgets, schedules, and other project objectives.

We have many years of experience in setting up PMOs for clients. We help to understand your environment, design an appropriate framework, develop dashboards to monitor with just in time data through visual dashboards, and train and coach your staff to manage and work towards project success.

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