Good project management is an insurance policy. It prevents projects disaster. Project Management is about predicting the future in time to do something about it. Moving towards best in class performance means more challenges implementation of best in class practice. Here going beyond in project management is to be aware that the projects are about people and to get the best out of them is an art.


Who should attend : Experienced Managers, Experienced Project Leaders
Course Mode : 35% Lectures, 65% Group Discussion & Exercises


  • Understand the process of selecting and prioritising projects
  • Skills to assign project with goals of the organisation
  • Skills and competence required for effective project managers
  • Learn how to develop a comprehensive plan
  • Be alert and proactive and avoid failures
  • Uncover ways to recognise projects leading towards disaster and make crucial decisions
  • Monitor and control effectively to implement successful projects
  • The insight to access project performance and design contingency plans


  • Origin of Projects
  • Why projects fail
  • Critical Success Factors of Projects
  • Project Framework – Fundamentals of a project
  • Understand your stakeholders
  • Differences between Projects and Operations
  • Life Cycles
  • How to plan a Project
  • What to expect in Project Execution
  • Monitoring & Controlling Project
  • What Soft Skills are essential for project management?
  • Execution process Group
  • Project leadership and other skills that is required at various stages
  • Monitoring & Controlling using
    • Key performance indicators
    • Regular meetings
    • Repository of projects reports for better communication
    • Better motivation and coaching techniques
  • Closing process group

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