If there are 2 topics that are currently causing much confusion it is Big Data Management and Agile Project Management.

Everyone has heard of terms such as Scrum, Lean, Kanban, etc. All these terms are related to Agile Management. Other terms such as Hadoop, Distributed systems, etc. are popular in the Big Data world. This program attempts to clear up the confusion about what Agile and Big Data actually are.

Furthermore, the principles of Agile are very applicable to Big Data projects. Especially at the beginning of a Big Data Project, during the definition stage, using an Agile approach can be very beneficial. This program will give the participants a strong foundation to combine Agile with Big Data.


This program is designed for participants who work in the field of Big Data or are involved in big data projects either from the design point of view or from a user point of view. Examples could be marketeers, data analysts, developers, etc


  •  Being able to understand and apply the principles of Agile in a business context
  •  Being able to decide where to apply Agile and where not
  •  Understand how far to go with Agile.
  •  Understand what other businesses and industries are doing with Agile.
  •  Ability to work with the different techniques under Agile
  •  Understand how to make Agile Customer Centric
  •  Ability to analyze and define important Stakeholders
  •  Understand the different roles within an Agile environment
  •  Ability to identify how teams work in Agile
  •  Ability to apply Agile tools and techniques
  •  Having a working knowledge of the Do’s and Don’ts with Agile
  •  Ability to apply other Agile methodologies such as Kanban and Lean


  •  Agile Principles and Mind-set
  •  Value Driven Delivery
  •  Stakeholder Engagement
  •  Team Performance
  •  Adaptive Planning
  •  Epics and User Stories
  •  Agile Estimating
  •  Backlogs
  •  Agile Tools and Techniques
  •  Agile Reporting
  •  Planning Meetings and Retrospectives
  •  Problem Detection and Resolution
  •  Continuous Improvement

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