Traditionally Agile and Scrum have always been associated with IT development. However, more and more businesses understand that the principles of Agile have a much wider area of use. Many business processes outside IT, can strongly benefit from a more Agile approach.

This training program is created for those who believe in and want to know more about applying agile principles and practices to their business processes. It highlights agile approaches such as SCRUM, LEAN, and Kanban. It will focus on the essential knowledge necessary to understand Agile and to decide how applicable it is to the business the participants are involved in. The program will also examine what hybrid forms are possible if pure Agile is not the best option.


This course is designed for persons who have business experience and are keen to understand the application of Agile principles, tools and techniques to their business. The participants can include Senior Management, Business Strategists, Transformation Department, etc.


  •  Being able to apply some of the principles of Agile
  •  Being able to decide where to apply Agile and where not
  •  Understand the difference between Waterfall and Agile
  •  Understand the importance of stakeholders
  •  Understand the importance of teams
  •  Understand Agile tools and techniques
  •  Having a working knowledge of the Do’s and Don’ts with Agile


  •  Agile Principles and Mind-set
  •  What is iterative approach?
  •  What is the difference between the Waterfall method and Agile?
  •  Stakeholder Engagement
  •  Team Performance
  •  Lean and Kanban
  •  Continuous Improvement

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