Bid Management and Tender Evaluation


This course is intended to give the participants a clear understanding of procurement and tender processes and how to evaluate a bid received from a 3rd party. Procurement and Tender processes include contracting, creating RFPs, evaluating bids, etc.
This program will go through the fundamentals of how to manage the bidding and RFP process and how to evaluate the responses that come in from vendors.


Anyone involved in bidding processes, RFP creation and/or bid response evaluation.


  • Understand the fundamentals of bid management
  • Understanding the function of Contracts
  • Understand the RFP and Tendering process
  • Understand how to evaluate bid responses


  • What is procurement and procurement processes?
  • What are Contracts?
  • What is an RFP?
  • What is the Tender Process?
  • What are Terms and Conditions in a Tender?
  • How to Evaluate Bid Responses?
  • Technical Compliance
  • Commercial Compliance

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