Leaders learn to deliver clear direction, coach employees, and provide effective feedback. Leaders need to create work environments that foster employee engagement, improve performance, and increase employee satisfaction. Leadership relies more on Influence, than the ‘do as you are told’

In this training, you’ll be able to explore the relationships and connections between people and their worlds in new and enlightening ways. Leaders who want to listen, gain insight and empower everyone in the organization to realize their full potential.


  •  Develop leadership skills in themselves and lead others.
  •  Practice the right leadership styles and lead a dynamic team.
  •  Develop the right competencies in executing their leadership skills.


This program is designed for team leaders, project managers, managers, supervisors, executives, team members and anyone else who is or will be responsible for managing teams or individuals in the workplace.


Lectures, Group Discussions, Practical, Role Play, Video


  •  Leadership definition
  •  Difference between Management and Leadership
  •  Understanding the Organization and its Vision, Mission, Core Values & Goals
  •  Functions of a Leader
  •  Unleash the Leader in Each Individual
  •  Types of leaders
  •  Servant Leadership
  •  Self-assessment and Other Perceptions
  •  Relationship between Leadership and Types of Followers
  •  Relationship Management
  •  Effective Communication skills
  •  Decision Making & Delegation
  •  Problem Solving
  •  Conflict Management
  •  Leading A Team
  •  Team Leadership
  •  Using the Right Leadership for Different Stages of Team Development

Jonathan Geok

Profile Synopsis

Jonathan is a graduate in Bachelor of (Hons.), International Business from Multimedia University, Malaysia. He is also a Certified Training Needs Analysis (TNA) Consultant by (PSMB), Malaysia, Master Trainer by Management Consultancy International (MCI), Australia, Train the Trainer by Management Consultancy International (MCI), Australia, Cert. IV in Training & Assessment by Management Consultancy International (MCI), Australia

Jonathan professional areas include Training, Coaching, Facilitation, Consulting (Organization Development) in corporate training as well as designing and developing course contents. He is also an experience Researcher. He also has wide experience in Training Need Analysis (TNA) consulting. He has consulted many clients from diverse nature of business both in manufacturing and service industries. He assisted these companies to identify training gaps, develop and map competencies until designing of modules to meet the clients’ training requirements.

With more than 10 years working experience, he is passionate to help organisations unleash the potential of their employees to achieve the corporate results. He has trained in the area of Change Management, Frontline Leadership, Customer Service Excellent, Communication Skills, Team Effectiveness and Sales.

Jonathan is also sought for his ability to handle of diverse personalities. Some of the companies he has worked with includes Avago, Aicello, I-City Properties, Panasonic, KLCC, Kibing Group, Malaysian Airlines, Regal Marketing, Samsung, Shimano, Sunway College, Scope International, Shimano, WWRC etc.

The Bridgit group has always been at the forefront of all things on human capital development.