As the world evolves, Industry 4.0 knowledge has become an indispensable skill for working professionals. Eventually all industries will be impacted by its far-reaching technological advances. It is highly important that both your IT and Non–IT staff in the Banking arena are aware of its implications and also benefits.


  •  Candidates aspiring to be Consultants for IR 4.0 implementation
  •  Professionals across the entire hierarchy of the organization, who want to fast track their career and be a part of the change management
  •  Entry level professionals in the workforce that will be the first wave going through IR4 transformation


The program aims to help participants get overview on the functional and strategic technical elements of Industry 4.0 that enable organizational transformations. The course will:

  •  Demystify Key Industry 4.0 and The Ecosystem Of Stakeholders Involved.
  •  Review sample roadmaps for the real-world application of Industry 4.0 across a range of organizations, and its business and technological impacts.
  •  Connect its participants with what are the IR 4.0 opportunities and challenges in banking sector
  •  Provide used cases of successful Industry 4.0 implementations


  •  Introduction and History Origin of IR 4.0
  •  Road to Industry 4.0
  •  Related Disciplines, System, Technologies for enabling Industry 4.0
  •  Role of data, information, knowledge and collaboration in future organizations
  •  Other Applications and Case Studies
  •  Business issues in Industry 4.0

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