As the world evolves, Industry 4.0 knowledge has become an indispensable skill for working professionals. Eventually all industries will be impacted by its far-reaching technological advances. It is highly important that both your IT and Non–IT staff in the Production floor are aware of its implications and also benefits.


  • Candidates aspiring to be Consultants for IR 4.0 implementation
  • Chief Executive Officers, Managing Directors, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Senior Managers, General Managers
  •  Plant Heads, Factory Heads, Operations Heads, Line Managers
  •  Employees of organizations, which are planning to shift to Industrial Revolution 4.0
  •  Smart Factories and Factories of Future Mid-level and Senior-level Executives
  •  Research and Development Heads and Industrial Engineering Heads
  •  Professionals across the entire hierarchy of the organization, who want to fast track their career and be a part of the change management


The program aims to help participants envision and lead strategic and technical elements of Industry 4.0-based organizational transformations. The course will:

  •  Demystify key Industry 4.0 and the ecosystem of stakeholders involved.
  •  Review sample roadmaps for the real-world application of Industry 4.0 across a range of organizations, and its business and technological impacts.
  •  Connect its participants with leaders and managers from diverse roles and organizations and understand their opportunities and challenges.
  •  Provide user cases of successful Industry 4.0 implementations


  •  Introduction and History Origin of IR 4.0
  •  Road to Industry 4.0
  •  Related Disciplines, System, Technologies for enabling Industry 4.0
  •  Role of data, information, knowledge and collaboration in future organizations
  •  Other Applications and Case Studies
  •  Business issues in Industry 4.0

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