Introduction to Stakeholder Management


This course equips participants with the knowledge and capacity to correctly identify and analyse project stakeholders, evaluate and prioritise vested interests and manage relevant relationships. Given the increasing awareness and value of different publics, knowledge acquired through the course would lend itself to the maximisation of results and minimisation of problems in the quest for the sustainability of organisational endeavours.
This training module provides a good start for all those who may or may not be currently active in stakeholder management and engagement but would be in the future. This training demonstrates the critical knowledge and skills required in Stakeholder Management that are required to achieve maximum project success. Furthermore, it introduces the proper processes and good practices.
The training requires active participation from attendees. It has lectures, exercises and case studies with group discussions.


This course is tailored for managers, business analysts and anyone else involved in dealing with stakeholders.


  • Understand stakeholders’ expectations
  • Ability to define communication strategies
  • Understand how to engage stakeholders
  • Understand how to collect stakeholder requirements
  • Understand the various engagement techniques
  • Understand how to analyse stakeholders importance
  • Understand how to deal with stakeholder demands


  • Identify and analyse stakeholders’ expectations
  • Formulate and implement stakeholder communication strategies
  • Develop stakeholder engagement facilitation techniques by applying proper tools and techniques
  • Map out stakeholder power and influence on the basis of Importance, Urgency and Influence
  • Communicating with stakeholders
  • Presenting to stakeholders
  • Document, implement and track stakeholders’ requirements for Formal Acceptance

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