This Advanced Excel course is carefully designed to help participants achieve an edge in their career. This course not only enrich your analytical skills, but also get your work done faster using advance functions in Excel.


This course is tailored for advance Excel users that utilised Excel in day-to-day work, have multiple sets of data, or required to analyse big amount of data. This course also focusses on how to complete the routine tasks with faster or simpler method to avoid mistakes and increase efficiencies.


Participants must have basic or intermediate Excel skills and know the basic shortcuts in Excel.


  •  Manage and share workbooks
  •  Prepare workbook for review
  •  Manage Changes
  •  Custom Format and layouts
  •  Using Advance Fill Series Options
  •  Advanced conditional formatting and filtering
  •  Creating Form Fills
  •  Formulas and Functions
  •  Using Lookup Functions
  •  Working with Pivot Table


• Create and Manage Pivot Table
• Formatting and changing Pivot Table
• Insert formula in Pivot Table
• Manage multiple workbooks
• Create workbook from on-line template
• Import data from Access, Text
• Edit external references or break an external reference
• Protecting workbooks for sharing
• Restrict editing for selected cells
• Excrypting workbooks by using password
• Apply custom data format
• Create custom accounting format
• Highlight Cells Rules
◦ Top/Bottom Rules,
◦ Data Bar,
◦ Color Scales,
◦ Icon Sets,
• Edit and manage conditional formatting

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