Negotiation is the backbone of success in the business world. From project meetings to problem solving, from sales to customer relationships, from simple people issues to complex organisational issues, negotiating skills are crucial to achieve the desired objectives and to build strong relationships. In order to deliver successful outcomes, one has to learn how to integrate people and goals so as to create results that are satisfactory and acceptable to all parties.


Who should attend: This course is tailored for any professional from any business area that

intends to develop their negotiation skills and conduct negotiations with

more confidence.

Course Mode:     Lectures, Exercises, Group Discussions, Presentations, Role Plays, Assessments


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  •  Negotiate by providing value
  •  Create an offer or solution that is satisfactory for all parties
  •  Understand the various phases of the negotiation and create a plan for each phase
  •  Prepare systematically and effectively for negotiations
  •  Use various negotiating techniques for a successful outcome
  •  Manage negotiations with a wider range of options
  •  Move progressively towards agreements
  •  Improve relationships with clients and peers by having win-win outcomes out of every negotiation


  •  What is negotiation
  •  Everything is negotiable
  •  Understanding the negotiation process
  •  Variables of negotiation – power, time, information
  •  Managing expectations
  •  Various negotiating styles
  •  How to use objective criteria
  •  How to evaluate available options
  •  Developing a negotiation strategy
  •  Conducting negotiation
  •  Developing responses to overcome used tactics
  •  Clarifying interests and positions
  •  Separating problems from personalities
  •  Handling conflicts, manipulation and strong emotions
  •  Creating new options for mutual benefits

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