This course is intended to give the participants a clear understanding of procurement and tender processes and how to put in a bid for an RFP or a tender.
This program will take the contractor/ vendor through the fundamentals of how to select, read, understand, decide, strategize, respond and manage a tender/RFP.


Anyone involved in bidding processes, RFP selection and response preparation


  •  Understand the fundamentals of bid preparation
  •  To be sharp and identify all requirements clearly
  •  How to decide to participate
  •  Understanding the Contract requirements
  •  How to strategize the win-win factor
  •  Prepare a win-win proposal
  •  Effective management of a tender/ bid preparation team


  •  Types of bids and how to select to bid
  •  Analyse the specifications and Identify requirements
  •  Decisions to Bid or Not Bid – Risk Assessment
  •  Set up a bid management team
  •  Understand the Technical and Commercial Requirements
  •  Understand contractual/ compliances requirements and terms
  •  Strategize the solution, partnerships and alliances
  •  Manage effectively the bid preparation
  •  Bidder conferences and how to prepare for them
  •  Prepare for allowed clarifications
  •  Delegate the various tasks
  •  Prepare a schedule
  •  Ensuring Technical and Commercial compliances are met
  •  Content and Quality Review of proposal
  •  Post submission preparation
    • Prepare for bid presentation to client
    • Prepare for negotiations

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