In the business world, presentations are regularly conducted for the purpose of persuasion, explanation, instruction or briefing. Whether it is a project meeting, a sales meeting, a frequent departmental meeting or a board meeting, the purpose of presentations is the same.

In doing presentations, the most important thing is not what you want to say, but what you want to accomplish. By using this approach as the foundation, presentations can be designed better in order to get the most desirable results from any group that the presentation is addressed to; be it the top management, colleagues, suppliers, customers or the public. In the business world, results are what matters.


This course is tailored for any professional from any business area that wishes to improve the professionalism of their presentation delivery. Such as:

  •  Executives
  •  Senior Executives
  •  Managers
  •  Senior Managers
  •  HR Management


  •  Understand the different purposes of presentations.
  •  Understand the Three Rules of presentations
  •  Understand the importance of proper timing
  •  Understand Do and Don’ts of Presentations
  •  Be familiar with Tips and Tricks to produce better presentations
  •  Working with Presentation Tools


  •  Prepare themselves for effective presentation
  •  Design relevant contents that meet both the needs of the presenter as well as the audience (especially the various project committees and stakeholders)
  •  Make effective use of visuals and other support materials
  •  Develop skills in presentation by using proven presentation methods
  •  Pay attention to the logistics of the presentation
  •  Effectively handle Questions & Answers and call-to-actions
  •  Deal with and overcome nervousness
  •  Use appropriate humour to enhance a presentation

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