Project Management from Strategy to Delivery


This fully participative course is applicable for participants who are already involved in a project but have not gone through any formal training or methodologies and also those who would be involved in future. This training would give them a good idea about projects and what is expected. It would also introduce the right, proper and common terminologies and good practices


All those who will be involved in managing a project and have not attended formal project management training.


  •  Comprehend why and when projects origin
  •  Understand the success factors for project implementation
  •  Learn about Stakeholders of a project and their roles
  •  Learn how to be involved in preparation of a project plan
  •  Learn about importance of Controls in execution
  •  Understand what skills are required to manage and support


  •  Demand Management – Origin of Projects
  •  Why projects fail
  •  Critical success factors
  •  Project Framework – Fundamentals of a project
  •  Best practises of Project Management: PMI and the 10 Knowledge Areas
  •  Manage Project Scope – Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  •  Manage the Triple constraints of a project: Time, Cost & Quality
  •  Effective communication with Stakeholders
  •  Manage uncertainty with Project Risk Management
  •  Soft Skills Required

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