Project Management in Property Development


Project Management is one of the most effective approaches in managing Property Development Projects towards success, especially with numerous affecting factors in our rapidly moving business world.

Good Project Management practices are crucial for a successful project implementation. This training module provides a good start for all the involved professional in Property Development Projects and without the need for a previous project management training.

This training demonstrates the critical knowledge and skills required for managing Property Development Projects. It gives participants a good idea about the property market and how to deal

with the affecting factors on property development projects. Furthermore, it introduces the right, proper and common terminologies and good practices that will help achieve project success.


This course is tailored for all those who are and/or will be directly or indirectly involved in property development projects and who have not attended formal Project Management training.


  •  Comprehend why and when projects are initiated
  •  Learn about the fundamentals of a project
  •  Learn the property development project specifics
  •  Understand the success factors for project implementation
  •  Learn the importance of Project Management methodologies
  •  Learn about Stakeholders of a property development project and their roles
  •  Understand importance of meeting CLIENT’s expectations
  •  Learn the influencing factors on development
  •  Understand the financial needs for property development projects
  •  Learn how to be involved in the preparation of a project plan
  •  Learn how to implement the appraisal for a development
  •  Learn the importance of controls in execution
  •  Understand what skills are required to manage and support a project


  •  What is property development
  •  Why property developments projects fail
  •  Critical success factors
  •  Project Framework – fundamentals of a project
  •  Project Management methodologies
  •  The property market components
  •  The development functions
  •  Best practices of Project Management: PMI® and introduction to the Project Management Knowledge Areas
  •  Project Management Life Cycle: Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitor and Control, Close-out
  •  Project Initiation
    •  Studying Property Development Market Components
    • Financial Management and Development Appraisal
    • Project Charter, Identify Stakeholders
  •  Project Planning
    • Managing the project scope – Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
    • Scope Management
    • Schedule Management
    • Develop Cost, Quality, Communication, HR and Procurement Plans
    • Risk Management Plan
    • Building the Property development team and managing roles
  •  Project Execution
    • Meet and manage Stakeholders (Customers) expectations
    • Manage Deliverables and Quality Audit
    • Importance of soft skills
    • Identifying the needs of the Property Development Stakeholders
    • Effective communication with stakeholders
  •  Project Monitoring and Controlling
    • Property Development Risk Management – manage uncertainties
  •  Project Close
    • Closing Documents and Statements
  •  Record Lessons Learned

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