Project Performance Evaluation is a systematic method for collecting, analysing and using information to answer questions about projects and policies particularly about their effectiveness and efficiency. The stakeholders will want to know if the projects they are funding and implementing are actually having the intended effect. Evaluators help to answer these questions and the best way to answer the questions is for the evaluation to be a jointly undertaken by evaluators and stakeholders.

This course is designed to give participants definitive standards for assessing and improving on organisation’s project implementation capability.

This training module provides a good start for all those who may or may not be currently active in project evaluation but would be in the future. This training demonstrates the critical knowledge and skills required in Project Performance Evaluation that are required to achieve project success. Furthermore, it introduces the proper processes and good practices.


This course is tailored for all those who are and / or will be directly or indirectly involved in Project Evaluation. Sound understanding of project management standards and processes will be an asset.


  •  Understand Project Portfolio Management Processes
  •  Identify the need for an evaluation
  •  Understand the practical concepts for evaluation – Alignment to business strategy
  •  Gauge success factors for project implementation
  •  Identify the types of evaluation
  •  Review the Project Management Processes
  •  Identify and analyze Project Implementation Steps
  •  Recognize Problem Areas
  •  Develop a Road Map to enhance identified Problem Areas
  •  Establish a steering group to oversee continuous improvement


  •  Demand Management – origin of projects
  •  Why projects fail
  •  Assessment of current strength and weakness in Project Portfolio Management
  •  Monitoring vs. Evaluation
  •  Best practices in Project Management (PMBOK®)
  •  Best practices in Portfolio Management (Importance of Financial Viability of selected projects)
  •  Importance of Project Evaluation and does it work
  •  What is Evaluation – Qualitative vs. Quantitative
  •  Key Steps in Project Evaluation methodology
  •  Importance on the Engagement of Stakeholders
  •  Evaluation Process – Goal, Evaluation design, gathering credible evidence and justifying conclusion
  •  Report Findings
  •  How to interpret the data:
    • Direct utilisation
    • Conceptual utilisation
    • Variable affecting utilisation
    • Guidelines for maximising utilisation
  •  Means of verification
  •  In-house Case Study Analysis

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