Sustainability Reporting Practitioner V 2.0 (3 days) (Outline)


Sustainability Reporting is an important topic at this moment for every company that either creates reports to be compliant with regulations or because they believe it is necessary for other reasons. Even though many companies are producing a sustainability report or statement every year, there is still much confusion about the topic and most sustainability reports can be improved.

This three-day program focuses on providing an in-depth understanding of Sustainability Reporting in general. It focuses not only on the requirements of BURSA Malaysia but also goes into depth on reporting in accordance with the GRI Standards and the concepts of UN SDGs and Integrated Reporting. After this program, the participants will have a clear understanding of how to prepare a sustainability statement or report and how to apply any of the global standards.

The main topics that will be featured are:

  •  BURSA Requirements
  •  GRI Standards
  •  UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  •  Integrated Reporting
  •  Other Global Standards (IIB, SASB, MSPO)

The objective of the training is to give the participants practical knowledge and skills in contrast to only having the theory presented to them. Also the focus of the program is to be able to create your own sustainability report instead of being able to analyse reports by others.


At the end of the program, the participant will receive a certificate of attendance and will be sent a link to an online exam. After successfully completing the exam, the participant will receive a new certificate indicating that the participant successfully completed and passed the Sustainability Reporting Practitioner exam.
We are working together with Bureau Veritas, the renowned international certification agency for the certification of this program. Bureau Veritas will issue the final certificate after the participant has attended the full program and passed the online exam.


This program is designed for people who are responsible for or involved in the Sustainability Reporting efforts of the organisation, either in a managerial role or as part of the reporting team


  •  To gain knowledge about the fundamentals and elements of Sustainability
  •  Understanding the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  •  Understanding the requirements of Sustainability Reporting
  •  Understand GRI Standards and its application
  •  Understanding the principles of Integrated Reporting
  •  Understanding Materiality in Sustainability Reporting
  •  Developing and implementing a Sustainability Agenda
  •  Developing Measurement Indicators and managing sustainability programmes for reporting purposes
  •  Implementing and prioritising stakeholder engagements for Sustainable Statement Reporting


  •  What is Sustainability and Sustainable Development?
  •  What are the BURSA Requirements?
  •  What are the SDGs and how to integrate them into the Sustainability Report
  •  What are the GRI Standards?
  •  How to move from BURSA Requirements to GRI compliance?
  •  What is Integrated Reporting?
  •  How to implement IR?
  •  What other standards or resources are useful?

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