Sustainability Statement Reporting Executive Management Briefing (half day)


This half-day in-house program focuses on providing a high-level briefing on the Bursa Malaysia Sustainability Reporting Requirements. As per 2018, all Bursa listed companies will be required to include a sustainability report in their respective annual reports
The objective of this program is to share information and requirements surrounding Bursa Malaysia Reporting Requirements. Also, to provide clarity and information in terms of compliance and governance.
This half-day program will give information and insight to Directors and Chief Executive Directors, Chief Executive Levels of an organization on what Sustainability is, what sustainability materials are, and how sustainability reporting requirements could be implemented for the organization.


This program is specifically designed for the board of directors, directors appointed by the board responsible for governance and sustainability, c levels – Chief Executive Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Financial Officers, and any top management of public listed companies to have a better understanding of Sustainability Reporting Requirements in compliance with Bursa Requirements.


  •  To gain knowledge about the fundamentals and elements of Sustainability
  •  Recognising and Appreciating Bursa Sustainability Reporting Requirements
  •  Understanding Materiality in Sustainability Reporting
  •  Recognising and understanding the impact of Sustainability on the organisation


  •  What is Sustainability?
  •  What is sustainable development?
  •  What is the Bursa compliance schedule?
  •  Environmental, Social and Economic Sustainability
  •  Involvement of Top Management

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