This program is aimed to train internal & professional facilitators/ trainers to learn faster, teach others to learn faster and improve the results they create in their day-to-day training activities. By attending this 3-day training program, new and seasoned facilitators/ trainers will add vitality to their current training, presentation and facilitation competencies. The program will provide the participants with an in-depth understanding on how to become a truly outstanding, charismatic and impactful facilitators/ trainers.


  •  Executives & Managers involved in Facilitation
  •  Facilitators and Trainers


At the end of this program, the participants will:

  •  Be able to structure the content for training and develop lesson plans
  •  Will know how to make their training interesting, easy to understand and impactful
  •  Prepare themselves as a facilitator/ trainer and build rapport
  •  Use various methodologies to make training fun and interactive
  •  Evaluate themselves et the end of program and improve from thereon


  •  Creating the first impression
  •  Audience analysis
  •  The training logistics
  •  The training contents
  •  Preparing presentation materials and manuals
  •  The appeal of visuals
  •  Interactive facilitation methodologies
  •  Effective presentation and facilitation skills
  •  Kirk Patrick’s Evaluation Model

Dr.Maria Rufina Certified Professional Facilitator, IAF –USA, International Trainer, Coach, Facilitator

Profile Synopsis

Dr. Maria Rufina specializes in training and consultancy works in the area of HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT. To date, Dr.Maria has trained over 50,000 people both locally and internationally. Some of the companies that have benefited from her expertise are Golden Trust (Bahrain), Bahrain Credit (Bahrain), EK Kanoo (Bahrain), Islamic Development Bank (Jeddah, Arab Saudi), Polwell (Singapore), Oxcel Cambodia, ExxonMobil, Orpic (Oman) and EPF.

Dr. Maria’s area of specialization is in the area of Strategic Thinking & Planning, Critical Thinking, Management & Leadership Development. She also is successful in bringing out the best of the participants in topics such as Performance Management, Presentation, Facilitation, Train the Trainer and Personal Development, 5S Quality Improvement, Negotiation Skills, Communication, Teambuilding, and Customer Service.

Her specialty is in merging the divergent and convergent aspects of a topic to create a training flow that facilitates effective and interesting impart of knowledge and skills. Participants of various levels and nationalities, find her training inspiring, thus creating a conviction in them to implement what they have learned. Given her effective training.  Dr. Maria was appointed as a consultant at the oil rig, drilling platforms offshore to create behavioural changes and sustain a safety culture there.

The Bridgit group has always been at the forefront of all things on human capital development.