This course is intended to introduce the art of Project Management to the participants. Project Management is NOT limited to the technical parts of the organization. HR, Corporate Communications and even the Finance department are also involved in projects and need some basic understanding of project management. This course will address all the areas that are important and that need to be managed in order to turn the project into a success.


This course is tailored for those who are and/or will be directly or indirectly involved in projects including Project team members, Project Leaders, Project Managers, Executives, Head of Department, etc.


The Objective of this program is to teach the participants how to work on and manage projects in their professional environment. The program focuses on how to apply the internationally recognized project management framework by PMI and how to translate that into specific actions to manage the Scope, Schedule, Cost and Quality of projects.


  •  Understand the critical success factors for project implementation
  •  Learn to plan a project
  •  Learn how to execute and control a Project
  •  Adopt best practices directly into your day to day activities


  •  Introduction to a Project
  •  Understand the root causes of project failure
  •  Introduction to PMI and PMBOK
  •  Introduction to Project Management Framework
  •  Project Initiation
  •  Project Scope
  •  Schedule
  •  Cost
  •  Quality Management
  •  Resource Management
  •  Communication Plan
  •  Procurement Management Plan
  •  Risk Management Plan
  •  Project Execution
  •  Monitoring & Control the Project
  •  Project Closing

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