This program is intended to create an understanding of project management in general and the role project or non-project staff should play in relation to the projects the organization is carrying out.

Without active participation on all levels, projects will not be successful. This program will address all the areas that staff needs to be involved with or need to understand when it comes to projects.


Anyone that has involvement in projects within the organization and that need to understand how they need to work together with the project teams.


  •  Understanding driving forces and implementation of projects
  •  Understanding the challenges of projects
  •  Understanding the role of senior management in ensuring project success
  •  Understanding Project Stakeholders and Senior Management engagement
  •  Continuously measure whether project will be completed successfully
  •  Understanding the different phases of a project
  •  The concept of facilitative leadership and collaboration
  •  Continuous improvement through lesson learned.


  •  Project Framework – Projects are implementations of strategies
  •  Project Organizational Structure
  •  Role of Senior Management in Project Management
  •  Project Governance
  •  Project Planning
  •  Work breakdown Structure
  •  Precedence Network Diagram – Critical Path method
  •  Personality profiling on delegates
  •  Conduct Budget Analysis
  •  Quality Management
  •  Contract Management
  •  Variation Orders and Project Changes
  •  Claim Management
  •  Risk Management

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