The Group

The Bridgit Group is a leading provider of training and human capital development solutions and services. Besides training and upskilling, the group also provides a wide spectrum of end to end strategic and tactical services and solutions in order to bridge the gap between the organization’s strategy and execution. The last 20 plus years has seen exponential growth with offices in Malaysia, Indonesia and South Africa.

Human Capital from Strategy to Development

Bridgit aims to develop the competency of your human capital enhancing their capabilities to think strategically and to manage and lead your organization at a global level. Bridgit’s solutions and its training methods have been carefully engineered and designed by keeping in mind the importance of equipping our clients with the right knowledge and skills especially now in a rapidly changing environment where more conversant and well-trained human capital is needed to succeed in a globalized economy.

The Bridgit group has always been at the forefront of all things on human capital development.